Let justice be prevail Everywhere

Where equality reins

NYAYPATH is an attempt to contribute for creating a society where justice is prevailed, truth is admired and honesty is practiced by each individual. In order to attain these objectives collective efforts are required. We should not forget that this society has contributed a lot in shaping our personality from basic education to career building.

Now it is our turn to give back to the society its dues. Awareness is the secret of a hassle free life. The root cause of all socio-economic problems is lack of awareness only. Let us work together to aware this society on all fronts whether it be legal, social, cultural or spiritual. Nyaypath is always with you.


Each volunteer of Nyaypath is committed to take up ownership of the social projects for positive change in society.


Our team carries more than two decade of experience in successfully executing various awareness campaigns.


Nyaypath has the absolute fortitude to fight for justice, bringing the best of what we have to offer together.

Justice is the birth right of every creature on this planet. Let us play our role to ensure it.

– Team Nyaypath

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