You can be part of NYAYPATH Team as a member or as a volunteer. Our team includes people just like you who are interested in societal issues impacting individuals, families, groups, communities, social and economic policies of the nation. We are a diverse group of people with interests in areas such as legal aid, career counseling, self management, events, youth participation, strategies to promote a society which is well aware about their rights as well as duties, and global issues such as human rights, and social justice. NYAYPATH has members in most of the parts of India which comes from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, i.e., information technology, banking and finance, law, education, engineering etc. and our team is continuing to grow. We offer following types of memberships:

1.Honorary Membership: Honorary Membership is available by invitation only for those who have significantly contributed for upliftment of society. The membership dues are NIL.

2. Student Membership: Any student having completed 18 years of age and enrolled with any educational institution is eligible to apply for student membership. The membership dues are NIL.

3. Associate Membership: Any individuals who has an interest in the work of NYAYPATH and who does not qualify for any other membership can apply for Associate Membership. This membership is subject to renewal every year. The membership dues are NIL.

4. Professional Membership: This membership is open for professionals from any discipline and is subject to renewal every year. The annual dues are Rs. 250.

5. Institutional Membership: Institutional Membership is open to institutions working in the socio-legal field. This membership is subject to renewal every year. The annual membership dues are Rs. 2500.

Your membership will provide you with an opportunity to explore your hidden potential to be useful for a largest section of society through your skills and time. Furthermore, membership means eligibility to be a decision maker and participate within the organization and represent the organisation at various platforms. You can also chose to serve on any of the eight chapter committees. Your membership is subject to approval of Central Advisory Board of NYAYPATH.

As a member you can attend short term online courses and training programmes at no cost or concessional cost.

Joining NYAYPATH is easy. You can fill out the online membership application or, if you prefer, you can download the application form and email us the duly filled form.

We are looking forward to you joining NYAYPATH and being part of this organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at


Vivek Kumar Rai, President, NYAYPATH

Akhilesh Kumar Saxena, Honorary Secretary, NYAYPATH

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