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Central Advisory Board

The Central Advisory Board of NYAYPATH is constituted out of the Honorary Members who have considerable experience in their respective fields.

The first Central Advisory Board of Nyaypath had been graced by the leadership of Late Shri Siya Ram Yadav, educationalist from Law Faculty of Lucknow University. He had served as Chairman of Library Committee of Dr. R.U. Singh Law Library of University of Luknow. His inclination towards study of Indian culture and law led him writing a series of articles like Law in Mahabharatha and Law in Ramayana which were published in leading newspapers. He was an avid reader and most of the time found studying in library after his regular classes in Lucknow University campus. He always raised voice for social cause. His untimely demise was a great loss to the organisation. Our current Central Advisory Board has following members:

1. Shri Pradeep Kumar Agarwal, Sr. Lawyer (Uttrakhand)

2. Shri Dileep Kumar, Management Expert (Lucknow)

3. Shri Vinod Prakash, Educationalist (New Delhi)


Central Executive Committee

1. Shri Vivek Kumar Rai – President

2. Shri Akhilesh Kumar Saxena – Honorary Secretary

3. Shri Anil Kumar Mishra – Convener

4. Shri Rahul Upadhyay – Students Coordinator

5. Shri Ranjan Kumar – Media Coordinator

6. Shri Mridul Mayank Shukla – Member, Education & Training Division

7. Shri Dheerendra Pratap Singh - Member, Education & Training Division

8. Shri Amit Verma - Chair, Education & Training Division

Information Technology Cell

1. Kunwar Vivek Singh

2. Shri Abhinandan Bhadauria

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